Chitralekha Nrupal Patil

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Chitralekah Patil has created her distinct identity in every field be it Educational, Political, Social or Cultural. Education being her favourite field, she has responsibly taken charge of the PNP Education Society and has brought about remarkable changes in the entire system.

In her pursuits she has been guided well by the voice of the common man, the political, industrial and social beacon, Jayant Patil and being the daughter in law of such a man, she has been playing her role all the more responsibly.Jayant patil

Chitralekha Patil, has been marching ahead with the firm determination of voicing the predicaments and issues of the poor farmers, the deprived, the exploited and the common man and while doing so ensuring that they get to live equally without any discrimination. And for such she has been using the medium of education and politics.

Entrusted with the responsible post of Shetkari Kaamgar Paksh Mahila Aaghaadi Pramukh, she has taken up the matter of the atrocities against women, their exploitation and has brought about a significant change in the scenario. Following such she has been urged to take care of matters on the Zilla level.

Chitralekha Patil, Alibag, Raigad, Shetkari Kamgar PakshaTo encourage students belonging to the rural areas, she has led many campaigns such as scholarships and free distribution of books. She has further raised the bar by making provisions such as Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Polytechnic, Bed, DEd, and Management courses. Earlier courses like MBA were a distant dream for the people and they had to move outside for such education which was also expensive and beyond the reach of many. But the PNP Education Society has made such dream come true for many who have gained admissions and completed their studies and are now placed with top notch companies. Apart from academics she has always been a keen supporter of sports and other such activities and has always provided the encouragement and the necessary equipments to the aspirants. She never stays back from felicitating and rewarding those who excel in such pursuits and supports them in every possible manner.

Chitralekha Patil, Alibag, Raigad, Shetkari Kamgar PakshaThe most influenced lot has always been the young girls who have started to look upon her as their role model. A woman at such young age carrying out so many roles can be nothing less than a role model for anyone. Girls in the neigbouring areas have received the much needed inspiration they all have been longing for in their lives. Today a record 60% of the girls are completing their studies in PNP Education Society.


Panvel-morcha against dance barsShe has never discriminated between women belonging to her region or anywhere in the country for that matter. She had carried out various protests and rallies condemning the Delhi rape incident with such intensity that the heat had reached till the Mantralaya. She doesn’t limit herself just to carrying out such rallies but actively participates in carrying out practical steps for the development of women at all levels. To enable them to move ahead with a sense of security, she regularly carries out self-defense camps and counseling. To enable the women to bring about a sustainable transformation in their lives she has been carrying out awareness camps and seminars to help them understand their role in the political scenario of the country and how they can mold it to their benefit. Besides such she has been instrumental in the implementation of many self-help programmes and modules.

tree plantation chitralekha patilNature also forms a subject of her interest and the growing threat from Global Warming irks her at times. She has been carrying out sapling plantation drives and has been actively contributing in the cause of keeping a clean and green society.

She has been contributing generously during natural calamities and disasters.

Late Prabhakar PatilToday she walks with her head held high with the firm belief and determination to make it an equal and just society, as dreamt by Late. Narayan Nagu Patil and Late Prabhakar Patil.

Chitralekha Patil has emerged as Wise, Strong, Determined and Foresighted Leader and we are proud to be working along her.

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  • Suyash Santosh Shilkar  says:

    Great job…keep it up
    best luck of ur future….

  • SUHAS GHARAT  says:

    please expand your work area in uran & panvel
    Womens need your leadership here

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